Transitioning Into College: Advice From UC


While some can’t wait to be back in the classroom- others are already worrying about carrying the semester’s work load.

It’s no secret that college can sometimes get the best of your mental health. But here at Utica College, there are several resources students can access. Trained clinicians are on hand at the counseling center to help students with free individual services in complete confidentiality.

“We can help students with an array of issues just like a private therapist in the community would–from eating disorders, to suicidal thoughts to roommate conflictsm,” said Alison Franklin, Director of Counseling at Utica College.

Franklin said 42 percent of college students have and that’s why these services are essential. But she said getting involved on campus is another way to help with the transition.

“We really encourage our students to do things outside of the classroom just as much as in the classroom because that’s really important.”

However, with this, comes more responsibility and less free time. Rich Racioppa of Student Success said this eagerness can lead to an overwhelming result.

“They want to try all of it in the first week, and you can do that but it’s going to be hard to have that balance,” Racioppa said.

Racioppa said mental health should always be the first concern.

“What I tell the students is until you’re in a comfortable place mental health wise and emotionally, it’s doing to be hard to be successful academically,” Racioppa said.

“So when they feel that moment that they just don’t feel like they can go out with a friend for a cup of coffee or they just don’t have time to do anything and they’re up until three in the morning every night, that would be a pretty good indication that they’re overextending themselves,” Franklin said.

And when students do see this happening, Racioppa said it’s important to act on it immediately.

“To ask for help and to not wait. We can never guarantee were going to fix problems, but they’re generally easier to address the earlier you bring them up,” Racioppa said.

The wellness center is open five days a week and there’s always a professional on call for the weekends.

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