Too late for the flu vaccine?


Oneida County Health Department recommends taking precautions against the flu

Flu season is here and prevalent in both Oneida County and across New York State.

The best protection against the flu is through vaccination. It is not too late to get your flu shot. It takes about two weeks after the vaccination for antibodies to develop and to provide protection against the flu.

Everyone over the age of 6 months is recommended to get the flu vaccine each year.

Phyllis D. Ellis, Director of Health, encourages everyone to get it because “the flu vaccination not only provides protection for yourself, but offers protection to those around you with compromised immune systems who are unable to get the flu shot.”

Further tips to help protection yourself from the flu:

  • Practice good hand washing — scrub with soap for at least 20 seconds or sing Happy Birthday. Make sure to get between your fingers and under your nails.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze into a tissue or into the corner of your arm.
  • Stay home from work or school if you are sick. It is possible to spread the flu before you experience any symptoms.

For more information on symptoms, prevention and where you can get vaccinated, visit the Oneida County Health Department website here.

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