WATERVILLE–Three people were charged after police seized over 60 animals this weekend from the Whispering Pines Animal Rescue.

The Central New York SPCA says Brenda Kunze (62), Horst Kunze (66) and Joseph Kunze (40) were charged with housing animals in unsanitary conditions.

Brenda Kunze was also charged with selling sick or diseased animals, according to CNY SPCA Chief William Pulaski.

Police say 60 dogs, 4 cats and one bird were taken from the animal rescue, after a warrant was issued, on Sept. 13 following reports recently adopted puppies were sick.

On Tuesday the CNY SPCA says 6 puppies, believed to have been recently sold from the rescue, have died.

“The ones that we had reported sick from witness statements, we had a couple cases of parvo and we have another case of coccidia and pneumonia.”

CNY SPCA Chief William Pulaski

The CNY SPCA says the animals now in their care are undergoing evaluation, and preventative treatment for illness.

Police say they also charged Brenda and Horst Kunze with illegal weapons charges after searching the home where the rescue is located.