Third grade students from Hughes Elementary School spent the day at Hamilton College dabbling in a day of science.

There was nothing but smiles today when the kids went through a series of experiments and simulations to get them excited about science.

Bruce Wegter, a Sciences Instrumentation Technician, said the main point of the event is to spark some interest in the young learners.

“Probably hopefully saying, mom, dad, i can’t wait to go to college–or at least take some science courses,” Wegter said.

David Gapp, a retiring professor at Hamilton College, started the program over 20 years ago. He says the university has plenty of resources for local schools to use.

“We have a lot here that we can offer the students. And I think more than ever we need to stress science education,” Gapp said.

The students went through a series of simulations where they learned about topics ranging from the nervous system to chemistry and biology.

Joseph Mungari, a third grader at Hughes Elementary School, was quick to share the many facts he picked up.

“I learned that air around us is 2,000 pounds.”

But according to him, his favorite lesson wad witnessing the volcano erupt. The volcano was the big finale, made up of simple house hold products and some liquid nitrogen.

Wegter said the explosion typically takes about 20 seconds to occur, but the kids were being patient.

Even with all the excitement, Wegter said it’s all about walking away with more knowledge than before.