Hamilton College got a taste of ocean exploration today. Robert Ballard, the discoverer of the Titanic, discussed the impact of technology on explorations.  He and his crew spotted the Titanic’s wreckage on September 1st 1985. 

“Well what is did, it was beginning of the end after finding the Titanic.  But this was the real first use of advanced robotics in the deep sea and that’s where are now.  We went from physically going to the bottom of the ocean which I did for 25 years in deep diving submarines and I’m going to talk about that tonight and all the adventures we’ve had and almost getting killed multiple times, to then shifting to where we are now in advanced robotics and it’s become a giant video game.”

Ballard has also found the wreckage of the Bismarck, the famous German World War II battleship and t he wreck of PT 109, the US Navy Ship that future President  John F. Kennedy served on.