The Search Continues for Missing Baby

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The search continues for LevonWameling, the missing nine-month-old.  Inaddition to law enforcement, volunteers from the Center for Missing andExploited Children are giving it their best, and pounding the pavement tospread the word.

“Our phone rang with volunteersand they said as soon as you’re ready with some posters lets us know and we’llgo out and they even walked the streets for us,” said Director for thecenter, Wendy Fical. 

One of these volunteers is retired educator,Karen Lascala.        

“It’s right here in our hometownand you want to do anything you can and so I checked with Wendy and they saidthey were doing social media at the time but within the hour she had calledback. The UPD wanted us to help with some posters so we came back and did the posterdistribution,” she said.
A major component of the Mohawk ValleyBranch of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children is mailing out flyersof missing children all across the U.S. Soon, they’ll send one out for Levon.The center was founded by the parents of Sarah Ann Wood of Frankfort, who manyhere know disappeared about twenty years ago. 

“The resources that are availablenow are certainly far more available than they were twenty years ago. Numberone is the immediate response, the immediate availability, to get people outthere, to get the word out there, we’ve got social media,” said Fical. 

Lascala is just hoping her effortswill make a difference.

“It’s a small community, someoneout there knows something. We just need them to step forward and be truthfuland come out and tell us where the little guy is and we’ll get him back home tohis mom.” 

At this point in theinvestigation, Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara, released thisstatement: “There are no charges pending, there are too many what ifs, and toomany unknown variables.” 

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