SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As fall approaches, pumpkins pop up in many forms. Their flavor is emulated in fancy coffees, and come October, they’ll be carved up to create spooky seasonal art for Halloween. One event is returning to celebrate pumpkins on a much more straightforward metric – seeking the biggest gourd in Saratoga.

The 8th annual Giant Pumpkinfest is coming to Saratoga Springs on Sunday, Sept. 24, and it’s all about the orange. Pumpkin growers from across and outside of New York will come to visit to compete for the coveted title of “Biggest Pumpkin of the Year,” among other contests.

“What better way to welcome Fall to our beautiful region than with a day of fun activities and a bit of friendly competition?” said Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce President Todd Shimkus. “We’re excited to welcome back families, out-of-town visitors, and the local agriculture community to downtown Saratoga Springs to see just how heavy some of these pumpkins end up being.”

Things kick off at the parking garage at Saratoga Springs City Center. Farmers will bring their pumpkins to weigh starting as early as 10 a.m., proceeding into a day of family fun. New this year is the Pumpkin Drop. Starting at 12:30 p.m., visitors can see large pumpkins dropped from four stories high onto the concrete sidewalk outside the city center. Don’t get too close – splatter is likely.

The event is held a short walk from the Saratoga Farmer’s Market on High Rock Avenue, offering food and drink throughout the day. Annually, the festival sees pumpkins over 1,000 pounds in weight – and every year is a bit different.

“Pumpkinfest has become a Saratoga Springs tradition, and we’re excited to continue introducing new, fun activities as part of the event,” said Shimkus. “A huge thank you to our sponsors for helping to make Pumpkinfest possible, and to the local growers who continue to amaze us with the bounteous produce grown right here in our region.”