The Department of Public Works prepares for winter weather


Although the weather isn’t always predictable, we can plan, budget and prepare for it. Dave Short from the Department of Public Works says this year’s preparation will be no different from the last.

“We’re always piecing together what we’re going to do. We have an overall masterplan, but depending on what’s coming our way we have to adjust and that seems to be a lot all of the time. Whether it’s a thunderstorm with flooding or with snow storms.” -Dave Short, Commissioner for the Department of Public Works.

One of the greatest issues they face is figuring out how to divide their resources for the different weather patterns within the city. It could be could be snowing in North Utica and dry and sunny in South Utica. This presents ongoing challenges for handling extreme weather.

It takes 13 snow plows to clear the city with each route taking around six to eight hours to complete. There are four back-up plows on standby, but even the best planning can’t always defeat mother nature. The DPW encourages drivers to stay safe and cautious when traveling this winter.

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