Hamilton College held a lecture tonight on how serious climate change really is.  Eyewitness News reporter Nicole Todd has the story after talking with climatologist, Michael Mann.

Michael Mann says that it’s not about belief, but the evidence that proves climate change is happening.

Climate change isn’t a far off problem, but a current one that can continue to grow.  We see it in sea level rising, coast lines, stronger hurricanes and even droughts.  Mann and other scientists went back over a century to track the changes.  It showed that temperatures increased with the use of fossil fuels and industrialization.

“If we continue to burn fossil fuels and increase the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we will see rates of warming over the next century that have no precedent millions of years back into the past.  and the real problem is that  living things, yet alone humans have not had to try to adapt to rates of change that profound so that’s what we’re talking about, fundamental threat to the stability of our climate that’s allowed civilization to flourish,” says Climatologist Michael Mann.

Mann says that there is still time to get carbon emissions under control to head towards renewable energy to avoid crossing the threshold.  Graphs he’s made of the rates of warming look like a hockey stick and so he’s used the words ‘hockey stick’ in the title of one of his books.