Tebow Snag Resolved: Jets Acquire Tebow

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Get ready New York — It’s Tebow Time!  Or is it?  The unsure atmosphere stemmed today amid controversy of the acquirement of Tim Tebow.  But at the end of the afternoon, reports confirmed that Tebow was officially a Jet. 

   Facebook and Twitter users were blowing up at the news of Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow leaving Denver and making his way to the New York Jets.    ABC News reports The Jets sent two picks — a fourth-rounder and sixth-rounder in 2012 — to the Denver Broncos in exchange for a seventh-round selection.   

But then the trade hit a snag over salary and the deal was no longer set in stone.  ABC News reported that Tebow’s contract was a $6.2 million salary advance, of which $5 million is still owed to Tebow.  1.5 was already has been paid by Denver, but the $5 million would shift to the Jets in a trade. The Jets, sources said, believe the Broncos should owe Tebow that money.

The trade was then not finalized until the sides resolved their differences over who should pay the money coming to Tebow.  Now, it’s official.  Tebow is a Jet.

Controversy surrounds the pick as sports fans wonder if Tebow will be cast into the shadows behind already prominent quarterback Mark Sanchez or if he will learn alongside Sanchez.   

There’s also some thought that Tebow and his clean-cut image could help polish the negative perception of the locker room, torn by discord last season. But others close to the team said that was no factor whatsoever in the decision.

But there could be potential backlash for the Jets. Tebow’s enormous popularity could turn into a distraction, especially for Sanchez. If Sanchez struggles, the fan base ostensibly could turn on him and start clamoring for Tebow. It should be interesting to see how Tebow is welcomed in the locker room. During the run-up to last November’s game, the Jets’ defensive players weren’t complimentary when discussing his passing skills. Cornerback Darelle Revis said Tebow’s unorthodox style as an option quarterback couldn’t sustain long-term success in the NFL.

As it turned out, Tebow made the playoffs and Sanchez didn’t. Sanchez struggled down the stretch, fueling speculation about his future. Publicly, team officials backed him, but also promised the quarterback depth chart would have a different look in 2012.

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