Taking Flight at MVCC’s Drone Day


There are still a lot of questions surrounding drones.  But on Friday some people looked for the answers at Mohawk Valley Community College’s Drone Day.

On Thursday, a huge announcement about nano-technology and the Mohawk Valley.

” So we’re talking about 2,500 jobs right here.”
And then on Friday–another industry promised to our area took flight.

“Today we are demonstrating the future.”

People from the community participated in the Mohawk Valley Community College Drone Day.

“Griffiss is right in our back yard.  It’s one of our six national test sites approved by the FAA.  So it’s already here.  We want to keep it here.  So by gaining access through MVCC for our local people–let’s train them local so they’ll stay local,” says Walt Constantini, MVCC.

And these locals got a crash course–a taste of what the new program offered at MVCC  might be like.  So  after watching the pros it was their turn to give it a try.

“It was really cool.  It was different.  It didn’t seem hard neither.  It seemed really easy.  I followed the steps and everything worked out fine,” says Grace Green, participant.

A short flight that could spark some interest for the future.

“Yeah, i didn’t know that we carried stuff like this.  It’s really high technology so it’s cool to know that our school has this and that we can come here and learn this stuff,” Green says.

Starting in the fall MVCC will offer a non-credit drone training class on Saturdays in October.  But by the spring or fall 2016 they say they hope to offer an associate’s degree.

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