Swimming with Knowledge


HOLLAND PATENT—(WUTR) Today, 18 first grade students from Westmoreland Road Elementary sang to their fish friends, 60 trout fingerlings, as they released them into their new home at Nine Mile Creek.

This was a day the students have been waiting for since the beginning of the school year.

“We got eggs in October from BOCES, and brought them to our classroom,” said first grade teacher Amy Mayo. “The kids were responsible for helping monitor the temperature of the water, making sure they were fed, the tank was clean, and all the levels were right, such as the PH.”

Rob Fields is a coordinator for Trout in the Classroom Program in the Mohawk Valley. He said this gives the kids an important lesson on the environment.

“It’s teaching the kids about the importance of clear, clean water. If the water is good enough fro trout, it’s good enough for people,” explained Fields.

After releasing the trout, the students were on a mission to find three types of insects that the trout eat.

“The kids absolutely love it, they are really excited about it. The love their trout,” said Fields.

Teacher Amy Mayo agreed.

“It’s one of the best teaching experiences I could have ever given my kids,” said Mayo. 

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