Susan G. Komen Foundation Makes, then Re-Thinks, Controversial Decision

Susan G. Komen Foundation Makes, then Re-Thinks, Controversial Decision_-1617329136120870804

            Ahuge public outcry has caused the SusanG. Komen for the cure breast cancer foundation to re-think acontroversial decision.

The foundation made the decision tocut off funding for grants that went to Planned Parenthood, funding that providedbreast health screenings for women.  Thatdecision sparked intense conversation in support of their decision, andarguably stronger, against it.

On Tuesday, Susan G. Komen announcedit would be implementing “stronger performance criteria” thatdisqualified certain organizations from their funding. And the group said, itwasn’t about politics.

But many people felt it was, as PlannedParenthood has come under scrutiny from congress, and anti-abortion groups, asto how it provides abortion services.

“It’s my understanding that theyfund 2,000 organizations nation-wide and Planned Parenthood was the onlyorganization impacted by these new grant rules…They rely on us for this basichealthcare. And some women can’t receive this anywhere else,” says PlannedParenthood rep Linda Scharf.  She saysthey’re disappointed that a sister organization would bend to the bullies.

Since Susan G. Komen’s announcement,there’s been a huge public outcry dominating the social media world and publicconversation over the past few days.

Komen’s Facebook page filled withangry responses: “For women like myself, without health insurance Planned Parenthoodis a lifeline. Tell me how your political decision serves women like myself.”

We asked you on our CNY Facebook page,how you felt about the decision.  DianeB. says “Very pleased…I will now donate to them.” 

Whereas Lori K. says, “Ridiculous…Iwill now not donate to them, and send any donations directly to Planned Parenthood!”

After the immense outcry Susan G. Komen apologized for”Recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission ofsaving women’s lives.”  They saidthey’d continue to fund existing grants now and in the future.

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