Surprises on the Slopes


One local student got the surprise of a lifetime just days before he heads off for a national snowboard competition.

Aiden Bose and his snowboard had bigger dreams than the bunny hill, and just days before his send off to the national slopes, his classmates wanted to show him just how many fans he has.

” I was so surprised i didn’t know anything! ” Aiden’s reaction after his classmates at Richfield Springs Elementary greeted him with a full pep rally!

” Going to Colorado competing for nationals, best in the country. We couldn’t be more proud of Aiden.” Therijo Climenhaga, Richfield Springs Elementary Principal said.

But there are no surprises for Aiden when it comes to the slopes. Starting at the age of two he has worked his way from the bunny hill to the big time.

“One year after the other the progression is amazing. I tell a lot of people its like riding a bike at this age because that is really what it is for him. If i could see his face I’d tell you, but when he puts that board on he’s gone. ” Aiden’s father Jon Bose said.

Good Luck Aiden, we are all routing for you!

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