Students Learns About Animals Through Hands-On Veterinary Program

Students Learns About Animals Through Hands-On Veterinary Program_-8796382522192868886

Some elementary students interested in animals are taking part in a learning experience of a lifetime. The 4-H Veterinary and Animal Science Exploration Program gives students two days to learn all about the science behind the pets and animals in their lives – Right from the veterinarians themselves.

Students learn how to identify different breeds of animals, interpret animals’ behaviors, understand the function of body systems, and even watch veterinarians perform surgery right before their eyes.

“I’m a visual learner so its always easier if I can see something in person then read about it in a book versus reading about it and imagine what they’re talking about. So the more things you can see and actually understand whats going on, it will make it easier later on when you do have to sit down and do the textbook learning part of veterinary medicine,” says Dr. Brenda Armstrong, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Herkimer Veterinary Clinic.

Students visited the Herkimer Veterinary Clinic and the New Hartford Animal Hospital. And the 4-H workshop is a program through the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County.

Cost of the program is $15 for youth enrolled in 4-H and $20 for youth not enrolled in 4-H.  To register go to or call Kristi Cranwell at 736-3394, Ext. 122 or email

For more information about Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County and the 4-H youth program visit our website at

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