‘Staying True to the Medicaid Promise’


UTICA, NY — On Wednesday, Feb. 19. 2020, the Utica Common Council unanimously passed a resolution on protecting medicaid called ‘Staying True to the Medicaid Promise’.

The resolution was proposed by Council at Large, Jack LoMedico, and was sponsored by the whole council. LoMedico proposed this after hearing a possible steep cut to Medicaid in the 2020 state budget. The legislation highlights issues regarding the rising costs of medicaid. According to the language of the legislation, 40 percent of our Assembly district’s population is covered by medicaid, including the majority of hospitals and nursing homes. The resolution states that local officials will help protect city residents who rely on Medicaid.

“Adults, seniors, we’re at that point in our life where we’re going to need assistance and this is so important that the Governor and the Assembly doesn’t make these cuts — this is the time we need them. We’re the most vulnerable citizens out there right now, we’re the ones that are aging, we’re the ones that need the most help, so we’re asking the Governor and the Assembly to see if there’s some cuts elsewhere that wouldn’t affect medicaid,” says LoMedico.

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