State Police Investigate ‘Swatting’ incident in the Town of Schuyler


Utica, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV-TV)– Early this morning, around 3:47am, Utica Police Department and Oneida County 911 received a bizarre call.

A caller who identified themselves as a Casey Hernandez claimed that he just killed with mother with a gunshot to the face because he had been suffering from depression. The caller then went on to tell the dispatchers that they also had their younger sisters held hostage in the bathroom and that the same was going to happen to them. The caller also claimed that they had a pipe bomb in their possession.

After making these claims and threatening more harm, the caller gave 911 dispatchers conflicting information by giving them an address that they could not find in Utica. When the caller was asked to give more specificity or to identify near-by landmarks, they claimed that they were new to the area and could not provide further information on their location.

The dispatchers were able to locate the address on Blossvale Road, which is actually in the Town of Schuyler in Herkimer County. The New York State then deployed its Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T), the Bomb Disposal Unit (B.D.U.), the Crisis Negotiators, and The Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) to the scene.

Upon arrival to the address that was provided, officers attempted to contact whoever was inside, but there was no response. After several more attempts, an elderly 77-year old woman finally answered the phone and then exited the residence. The woman told police that she lives there alone, that there was nothing wrong inside, and that she did not know anyone by the name Casey Hernandez. State police then cleared the home and confirmed that everything was alright.

State Police BCI in Herkimer are still investigating but have determined that this was a ‘Swatting’ incident, which is a false report that leads to a SWAT unit response from law enforcement. There is no real harm to the resident or anyone else in the area.

If you know the individual involved or have any information about this incident, you can contact New York State Police at (315) 366-6077 or by email at

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