State and Federal Governments Look at Minimum Wage Increase

State and Federal Governments Look at Minimum Wage Increase_-8641731445933325346

       The debate regarding therise in the minimum wage continues. Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to raiseminimum wage up to 9 dollars an hour over the next three years. And Senator KirstenGillibrand says she’d like that number to be 10 dollars and 10 cents. Oneeconomic expert says an increase in the minimum wage could trigger inflation.

            Dr. David Kiner says, “The problem is it could really spurinflation. If we’ve all been watching and I’m sure we have been, we’ve all beenwatching the stock market and it’s great that it’s had some nice increases ofthe last two months or so, but people don’t know what to do with their moneynow.”

            Senator Gillibrand says the increase could benefit nearly2 million workers state wide.

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