Some Central New Yorkers snag sales during post Christmas shopping

Some Central New Yorkers snag sales during post Christmas shopping_2428387783419382041

With an anticipated day of long return lines and large shopping crowds, Little Falls resident, Cindy Camarata wasted no time hitting the stores the day after Christmas.

“We started at 6 o’clock this morning. That’s when everything opened in our area, so we started at Walmart and then came up here and hit the mall,” she said.

And starting early meant she was done before the afternoon hit.

“We did some exchanges at Penny’s and at Macy’s, and then I had money for gifts for myself so I went to Victoria’s Secret,” said Camarata.

Like Cindy, Francesca Donatello of Frankfort was another early bird at the mall.

“I got some Christmas money and I wanted to buy some shirts and some jeans,” she said.

Utica resident, Patrick Klug wasn’t able to fully escape the hustle and bustle spending his Christmas money on Wednesday, but he did run into some deals on his favorite games.

“It was actually red-tagged down from $59.99 to only $29.99, and no other time of the year are you going to get that” said Klug.

And Patrick along with others say it’s sales like that that make it worth the lines and the crowds.

“It would have come out to $150 something and it came out to $76, so it’s definitely worth the deal,” he said.

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