Police investigating social media threats toward a Mount Markham student


WEST WINFIELD, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Late Sunday evening, the Mount Markham Central School District became aware of social media activity involving a group of middle school students, posting threats in a Instagram Direct Message chat that appears to be targeted toward another student.

“There’s at least three or four students that are involved in this chat, maybe one or two more — but they’re making specific threats directed toward one other middle school student, and it was the content of those comments that was just disturbing and specific enough that we felt there had to be law enforcement referral to be able to follow up” says Paul Barry, Superintendent of Mount Markham Central Schools.

On Tuesday, there was police presence on campus throughout the duration of the school day.

Berry released a statement on the District’s website. Part of the statement reads:

Working with our Herkimer County School Patrol Officer, we gathered information and worked with the New York State Police to complete a more thorough investigation. Monday afternoon, the state police intervention addressed this serious matter.

School officials will continue to work with the families involved and it is our expectation that school will be not be disrupted tomorrow.

As a community, we are encouraged to monitor the online activity of our children; we are encouraged to help our children understand the seriousness and inappropriateness of threats and name calling; finally, we are encouraged to have our children speak to a caring and responsible adult when concerned.

Berry says the safety of the students and staff is the biggest priority.

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