Smart Recycling


Is it a bottle, a cup, or container? That is the question that Recycling Educator Jamie Tuttle says is the easiest way to find out what can go in your curbside bin.

Tuttle says, “Regardless of the recycling triangle, regardless of the number code, we don’t even want you to pay attention to those. The only exclusions are Styrofoam, prescription medicine bottles, and motor oil bottles.
That plastic triangle, it gets confusing. It really is a plastic resin coat, it tells us what kind of plastic it is, it really doesn’t tell you if it’s recyclable or not. And all your plastic bottles, cups and containers, you can leave the lids on top of them, right connected to the container. They just have to be empty and rinsed out.”

Tuttle says other items like plastic grocery bags, forks, and heavy duty plastic aren’t acceptable because they can ruin the good plastic at the site from being reused.

“We have many items that you can drop off for recycling, but they cannot go in the curbside bin. So even bulky plastics, we have a drop off program for them. However you cannot take a big bulky or bucket or say a cooler and put it in your curbside bin. “

But for those looking lessen the number of grocery bags under the sink, Tuttle says you’re in luck

“You can take any chain grocery store in New York State for proper recycling, you can bring them right to customer service and they will put them in the special receptacle so that they get recycled that way. “

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