Sitrin Gives Hope to People with Huntington’s Disease


Sitrin Healthcare has a number of different rehabilitation services.  But on Monday, they began the journey to add a state of the art facility that many families in our area and beyond have been waiting for.

It was a big day on the Sitrin campus.  Renovations began and soon a new facility will provide much needed care to our area.

“It will be the only facility in Upstate New York ranging from Albany to Buffalo.  A 32-bed unit that will allow for those who are affected by Huntington’s Disease and ALS to have the 24-hour care that is so necessary,” says Marc DePerno, Sitrin.

But for some–on Monday wasn’t just a celebration–it was about remembering as well.

“Today would’ve been my husband’s 67th birthday.  He died when he was 57 in 2006.”

Marie Clay’s husband Phil battled Huntington’s Disease–and every year on his birthday his family releases balloons in his memory.

“We saw the battle he fought.  He fought a hard battle.  He was a retired navy chief and they don’t give up.  So in his memory and for the battle he fought we’re going to continue to fight this battle for him and we’re going to win,” Clay says.

And this new facility at Sitrin is especially near to their hearts–not just for their husband and father’s memory but for Marie’s daughter as well.  Who is currently fighting the same fight her dad did.

“It was difficult seeing my husband go through this but it’s so much more when you see your child go through this.”

So for Marie and her family–it was a time to remember the past, fight for the present and celebrate the bright future.

“To my daughter he would say, ‘hang in there kiddo.’  And he knows I’m a strong person he knows I’m a fighter.  And we’re gonna get through this.”

Construction officially began on Monday and Sitrin plans to open the facility in 2016 with state of the art technology that they say will improve patients’ quality of life.

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