Siri Prank Goes Viral, Inundates 911 Centers


Many of us depend on her voice for help with daily tasks. But a viral prank has made her anything but helpful…Especially when it comes to emergency services.

Siri’s now getting a bad rap. It all started from a social media post weeks ago daring people to say the number 108 to Siri… But the joke isn’t too funny now.

“Siri tell me a joke… “The past, present and future walk into a bar, it was tense.””

Siri can pretty much do anything you ask her… Like dialing 911.

But when you ask her to call 108 she’ll also connect you to local emergency services.

It started as a prank intriguing people to test Siri but Director of Oneida County Emergency Services Kevin Revere, says it’s inundating 9-1-1 centers with calls.

That’s a huge problem, we don’t want to have these unnecessary calls. We have to track these folks down and find out whether it’s a joke or if it’s a real emergency.”

But that’s not the only number people need to worry about Siri will also contact emergency services when you dial 112,113, 999 and that’s just to name a few.

Turns out there’s dozens of other combinations depending on the country you’re in but revere says regardless it still connects you to 9-1-1.

“We have no way of knowing that it was a Siri based call and you know the circumstances if someones pranking or if someone’s testing. “

Most people tend to make the call out of curiosity but it’s a message emergency services and law enforcement are trying to get out so you avoid making the call that’s really meant for emergencies.

“Again, no one should be using this as a prank. It’s not a joke to call 9-1-1 there are repercussions for someone to do that when it’s not an emergency.”

Revere says it’s possible to track people down if they dial in as a prank and depending on the situation, even hand the situation over to local law enforcement.


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