Should Those Who’ve Recovered From COVID Still Get Both Doses of the Vaccine?


UTICA, N,Y, (WUTR-TV) — Last year Moderna had 30,000 participants in their clinical vaccine trials. It tested them for possible side effects and its efficacy. But they didn’t test participants for COVID before getting the first dose.

“They wanted it to be as much real world as possible and so that’s how they. . . And they know that the vaccine worked well in that population of 30,000-40,000 people.” – Dr. Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

Since the beginning, there’s been a lot of misinformation about the vaccine. More recently, there’s a question if whether or not those who’ve recovered from COVID should still get both doses.

“There are studies looking at that and looking at people who did have the native disease and got one dose of the Moderna or the Pfizer, do they need the second dose? Or does it not really afford more benefit, protective benefit, and that’s yet to be fully determined. Right now the recommendation, is which I fully support, the recommendation is that you get the full series of vaccines.” – Dr. Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

Dr. Hall says even though we’ve learned a lot about the virus, there’s still several unanswered questions.

“You know the virus has been around for 15 months. It’s not like it’s been around for years and years and so we’ve had an opportunity to see it over a long period of time. We’re going to be learning about this for a long time.” – Dr. Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

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