Sheila Burth: The Only Remaining Female Perennial


Just before the boilermaker Sheila Burth was training at the New Hartford track with her two nieces.

Shiela has run all 40 of the boilermaker races. She started when she was just 13 years old.

And now, she’s the only remaining female perennial. But She doesn’t do it for the title.

” I enjoy running all the time and I would be running even if it weren’t for that.
So, running is actually a part of my life it’s like brushing my teeth every day,” Burth said.
Most of Sheila’s family member’s have run in the race. 

 “so that was last year. So it’s a real family affair,” Burth said.

“Since we were little kids they would always work out. So, we really grew up
in an environment where everybody was exercising and eating right.”

Naturally, the race has become a tradition. Even at eight months pregnant, nothing stopped her from
hitting the pavement.

“Boilermaker 1990…and I’ve kept this shirt. I’ve never been able to get rid of it because I was pregnant ,” Burth said.

And while her times aren’t what they used to be?

“I was really fast…and young,” Burth said.

Now, shes in it for the fun.

“Now I’m a back of the packer. Before, I was a front of the packer. So, now I see a different
side to the race,” Burth said.

But the new location tastes just as sweet once she crosses the finish line.

“It’s the best feeling ever. You know, I’ve got another one under my belt. And everybody after the finish line, just everybody is able to relax and reward themselves with water, bananas or beer if they want. So, it’s a really great feeling,” Burth said.

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