Sen. Schumer Discusses New Legislation to Keep USPS in Service


CHENANGO COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Senator Chuck Schumer visited a local post office in Chenango County to address recent restrictions with the U.S. Postal Service.

“We all depend on the post office all the time, but now we now we depend on the post office more than ever because of COVID.” – Sen. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader

The United States Postal Service has always been essential, but recently their funds and services have been cut. Postmaster General, Louis Dejoy, who assumed his position in June, has taken away employee overtime, removed mail-sorting machines, raised their rates and slowed delivery time. This has caused major concerns for Americans using mail-in ballots.

“We’re going to have many more ballots because fewer people will go to the elections in person and they’ll use the mail It’s not treated as first class. These are very bad things.” – Sen. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader

Senator Schumer says without a negotiated pandemic relief for the U.S. Postal Service, jobs, businesses and everyday life will drastically change for Americans.

“3,906 postal jobs in the Southern Tier. . . Those are good paying jobs that people need. If you dismantle the post office, a lot of people and their families are no longer going to have a good livelihood.” – Sen. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader

Since the pandemic many seniors, veterans and immune compromised Americans rely on the mail to safely receive their medications. Schumer and other members of the senate are pushing for new legislation that could overrule Dejoy’s postal restrictions,

“We propose $10 billion in the first year so the post office can keep going and go strong. Through the centuries millions of Americans, tens of thousands here in Chenango County, have served their country and risked their lives for the right to vote. We should not be playing games with that. You want to vote by mail? Fine. You want to vote in person? Fine. We should be able to support both.” – Sen. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader

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