Sen. Griffo Proposes Anti-Semitism Bill


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) – As antisemitic attacks have reportedly taken place with increased frequency in cities throughout the nation, state Sen. Joseph Griffo is advocating for legislation he has introduced that would provide more protections against anti-Semitism in New York State. Incidents have included an assault on a Jewish man in Times Square in New York City, synagogues vandalized in Arizona, Illinois and New York and Jewish diners targeted at a Los Angeles restaurant.

Sen. Griffo’s bill would amend state human rights law and the penal law to properly provide protections through the appropriate codification of the definition of anti-Semitism. Further, acts of antisemitism that incite, cause, or result in any act of violence or injury to a person, or the damage to or destruction of real or personal property will be considered a hate crime.

“So, this legislation would essentially now define anti-Semitism. so that it is now both in the penal law and a human rights law. so that we can talk about what happens when we now codify what these acts of violence or threats could mean, and we now give this more of a formal definition and as a result of that there’s a consequence to this type of action.” – Joseph Griffo, New York State Senator

Sen. Griffo’s legislation is in the Senate’s investigations and government operations committee.

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