Seasonal Depression and a Second Lockdown


UTICA, N.Y.— As covid-19 cases continue to rise, Oneida county officials are preparing for a second lockdown and the effects it will have on people’s mental well being. 

Covid-19 brought fear and anxiety to people across the world and social distancing practices made people feel isolated and alone. When the first lockdown in March happened the weather was getting nicer and people were able to go outside, but as the winter months approach and a second lockdown becomes a very real possibility there is a serious concern about seasonal depression mixed with mental turmoil that comes with a lockdown.

“Due to not only isolation again or the lack of social contact with people but because of the winter months people can be facing some seasonal depression or some situational depression,” Oneida County Mental Health Commissioner Ashlee Thompson said. “It is the holiday season, so Thanksgiving, Christmas and just the winter months.”

Seasonal depression, otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, is a type of depression that affects people during the changing seasons, usually, the fall and winter months when there is less sunlight, SAD usually occurs around the same time of year. 

Thompson advises people to be aware of certain behavioral changes like withdrawn behavior, lack of energy, and either the inability to sleep or sleeping more than you normally do. Thompson also noted that depression can affect anyone at any time, including children.

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