Science Fair Projects


While the younger students at Albany Elementary were read to, the third through sixth graders hosted a science fair.  Eyewitness News Reporter Nicole Todd was there this morning.

Science projects are all about trial and error. Students showed me their projects and how they did or didn’t match up with their original theories.

From handmade volcanoes to robotics and everything in between, Albany Elementary students put their own hypotheses to the test. Some projects were tested just for the love of the game.

“I just love baseball and feel that this would be a good interesting project,” said Jude Paladino.

Jude tested which hits a baseball better, aluminum bats or composite wood bats.  Was his hypothesis correct?

“Composite bat has a trampoline effect than aluminum bats.  The trampoline is like the pop in your swing.  When you hit a ball with a composite bat it’ll go a lot farther and a lot faster than an aluminum bat.”

For others, it was answering the question — why do Mentos candies make soda explode?

“We’re still trying to find out if it was the carbonated air or maybe like something like an extra ingredient in the soda that maybe the other sodas didn’t have,” said Olivia Matrulli.

The STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math — are becoming more popular in education.  A robotics team was creating programs and explained how it works.

“So many people, around the world, and a ton of schools that are doing this.  This runs the whole robot, it’s following the black line with a light sensor and that censors how far it is from the wall,” said Kyle Martino.

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