School districts’ response to school bus cameras


Oneida County Board of Legislators passed legislation that would allow for cameras on school buses.

Andy Kirk, Transportation Director for Whitesboro School district, says this is a positive change. About seven drivers in the Whitesboro district pass stopped school buses on a daily basis.

“As soon as the law got passed, we heard bus drivers saying finally or it took long enough. You know you see the frustration in bus drivers when they have passing motorists, it’s outside the bus , there’s nothing they can do to control that moment…” —-Kirk

Utica School District was the one district in Oneida County that did not qualify. Utica does not overlap with other municipalities in Oneida County. The law states that a school can only be represented within its boundaries.

“We are definitely going to be looking into this and we will come up with an appropriate way to move forward. And of course we will brief the Board of Education and have them decide on how to proceed.” —Bruce Karam, Utica School’s Superintendent

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