School Bus Safety Checklist for Bus Driver


As drivers, we usually plan our commutes with safety in mind, but it’s a high priority for school bus drivers.  There’s even more that goes on behind the scenes before the buses even hit the roads. 

The driver has a set checklist to do before and after every trip out of the garage. This checklist includes checking brakes, wipers, emergency exists and lights.

Dave Butler has been a bus driver for four years and every time he goes to leave the garage to get the students he has the same routine on bus 254.

“And the emergency brake popped out when it got to thirty pounds so it’s just another safety valve to make sure the bus does stop because it’s your emergency brake.  I want to make the emergency exits open properly and easily and making sure it’s secured and again going down the reflective tape.”

Butler urges that if you see a bus, expect it to stop and be courteous because safety of students is the first priority on and off the bus

“I’ve been teaching them to, to make sure you get off the bus, ok, you go off and about ten feet and go ten feet in front of the bus so my eyes can meet your eyes and I’ll give you the universal cross signal for you to cross.”

After every run, Dave has to fill out a report that the bus was checked properly and safe and will be ready for the next trip.

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