Schenevus CSD works on funding challenges


OTSEGO COUNTY (WUTR-TV) — The Schenevus Central School District is facing nearly a $400,000 dollar deficit for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

Schenevus Central School District reached out to the Worcester Central School District on the possibility to tuition their 7th-12th grade students to Worcester for the upcoming school year. Tim Gonzales, Superintendent of Worcester Schools, sent a letter to the Worcester community that the district cannot tuition Schenevus students, he says it’s not feasible.

“Under current New York State law, the sending district’s teachers (Schenevus teacher) are then considered employees of the receiving district (Worcester). The law states those teacher would then be placed on a preferred eligibility list for 7 years. Our district must hire from that list of candidates when any similar teaching position, as previously held, becomes opened or created. The law also says at the time of appointment Worcester Central School must grant those teachers with the same tenure status, years of service, salary, and sick leave they have earned from Schenevus Central School,” Gonzales states in the letter.

Schenevus has 346 students, 90 staff members and Worcester has 368 students with 84 staff members.

On Wednesday, both district’s Board of Education members held a meeting to discuss the proposed study to determine if merging the two districts is feasible. Castallo & Silky, a consulting firm based in the Syracuse area has been appointed by the Schenevus board and the firm is currently planning the proposed merger study.

Theresa Carlin, Superintendent for Schenevus Schools, says the taxpayers will likely be seeing a tax increase.

The next merger study meeting is scheduled for February 26th at 6:30 p.m. at Worcester Central School District.

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