Schenevus and Worcester move closer to merger


WORCESTER, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) — Worcester Central School hosted its first and last merger Monday before both the Schenevus and Worcester boards meet to decide whether or not to halt the school merger. Schenevus Central School District will have the last official merger Monday June 14th, a day before the Boards vote. 

“We’re hoping to have Senator Oberacker on that panel as well as Assemblyman Miller and Assemblyman Tague that represent each of our districts and then Jennifer Nichol, who is the Otsego County representative and so with that kind of a panel we’re hoping to just really have a conversation about schools in New York in general and rural schools and the future of our schools and just get their thoughts on whether they think this is a good idea or not.” – Theresa Carlin, Superintendent of Schenevus Central School District

Merger Mondays were created by the Superintendents of both the Schenevus Central School District and Worcester to give the community an opportunity to discuss their concerns and give their input on the merger.

“Up until the board voting in June there’s just this big gap in time where information would just be dormant, so we wanted to make sure the information was put out there and they could make an informed decision” – Tim Gonzales, Superintendent of Worcester Central School District

This week’s merger Monday had a small turnout of around 16 individuals, but the responses were generally positive, as Gonzales explains to me that most people just wanted clarification for the rumors they had heard about the merger. 

“You know all seemed to be gracious for the information we were sharing, and you know our goal is just to give information so they can make an informed decision, so it was really a dialogue between the folks that were there and the panel that we had we had both our board presidents there as well as ourselves.” – Tim Gonzales, Superintendent of Worcester Central School District

The proposed merger will be put up for a vote by the boards of each school district on June 15th, if they decide to continue the process it will be put out to the community for a straw vote in September.

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