Save a life campaign supports donations for at-risk animals


This holiday season give a gift that can help save an animal’s life. Staffworks is funding the Save a Life Campaign for non-profit organizations caring for at-risk animals throughout the region.

“It’s a community campaign so all of the organizations that participate go out to their communities, their donors, their citizens and ask them to donate, because if they do the Staffworks fund will provide a match for their donations.” – Anita Vitullo, President and Founder of Staffworks Inc. and Staffworks Fund

Donors can give directly to the participating organization. This year the campaign will match the first $10,000 plus an additional $1000 for every $5000 donated. There’s another $2,000 donated for reaching $100,000. Every participating organization has the opportunity to receive $30,000 dollars from the Staffworks fund.

Most organizations use the money raised for day to day operational costs. This includes feeding, vet care, spaying, neutering, transporting and caring for the animals. The participating organizations are non-profit and rely on donations to function.

“These organizations do not receive any state or federal funding. So, they’re not receiving our tax dollars, they really are reliant on their communities, their donors, donations and volunteers to run these organizations.” – Anita Vitullo, President and Founder of Staffworks Inc. and Staffworks Fund

No one company or shelter can really provide for the endless stream of abandoned, surrendered and abused animals. Donors will have until December 31st to contribute to the cause.

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