Sauquoit Creek Clean-Up


This Saturday from 7am to 11am, the Village of Whitesboro employees and officials will be cleaning up debris from the Halloween Flood in the Sauquoit Creek from the CSK Bridge to Oriskany Boulevard.

The village started the clean-up two years ago. They wanted to clean out the creek so that when there are heavy rains, the water does not get clogged by the bridge and stop water from flowing faster. The village mayor says maintenance is important and wants others to do the same.

“I’d like this to be an announcement to the other communities that they need to do their part. We’re doing our part. We’re going to do what we can do in the village of Whitesboro to help keep that creek running smoother but unfortunately nobody else seems to take an interest in keeping their section clean. Any type of preventative maintenance on this creek would be beneficial…”—Robert Friedlander, Village of Whitesboro Mayor

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