Sales tax revenue hike from 2019 Baseball HOF Weekend


Board of Reps Chair: County won't reap the full bump in benefits

COOPERSTOWN–There’s enough local business to cover all bases of tourist needs; in particular, during Baseball Hall of Fame induction weekend.

County officials believe the player notoriety of the 2019 induction class contributed to a reported sales tax revenue increase.

The Otsego County Treasurer’s Office says sales taxes revenue to the county increased 9.51% from Hall of Fame 2019, compared to 2018.

“…with Rivera induction, and next year with Jeter we expect similar numbers. Maybe even a little more,” Otsego County Board of Representatives Chairman David Bliss said.

In 2018, $3.4 million in sales tax was remitted to the county for the time period including induction weekend–a year that garnered the most since 2014, according to figures provided by the county treasurer’s office.

Though the annual event weekend provides a revenue source, there are expenses incurred–such as public safety.

Otsego County Sheriff Richard Devlin says deputies put in around 332 over time hours during induction weekend, amounting to approximately $12,540.

Remitted sales tax “goes into the general fund to off set the tax levy,” Bliss said.

Bliss indicated the Hall of Fame sales tax increase–around $320,000–is good, but went on to note the state’s recent cost shift to counties to cover the Aid and Incentives for Municipalities Program deters the county from benefiting fully from the revenue bump.

“That’s roughly $350,000 also, so essentially we have no increase on our tax levy at all.”

Bliss says revenue increases may arise from outside sales taxes, and bed taxes.

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