Running Readiness Report Week 6


It’s week 6 of the Hamilton Orthopedic Running Readiness Report.  We’re joined again by veteran runner Cat Beck.   And this week we are talking hydration and nutrition.  So how important is it getting the right food and water into our systems for running the big race this summer.

You definitely need to take hydration seriously.  If you’re dehydrated, you can run into trouble running the race.  That includes things like muscle cramps and other fatigue issues that you might not associate with your water intake.  Proper hydration is really the root of keeping yourself healthy and flushing any toxins out of your body and keeping your body ready to rock and roll on race day. 

“It’s really important to refuel quickly after you exercise, especially after high intensity workouts.  So for instance, if I do a tough session on the track, within 15 minutes after finishing my workout I will try and consume something that tends to be higher in protein to immediately start replenishing my body and aiding in recovery.  So protein is a really valuable component of a balanced and healthy diet.  And so just like you would try to make sure you have gas in your car or high quality gas in your car, you want to make sure you’re doing the same things when you eat and that’s not to say that you can’t indulge and eat dessert and chocolates and pizza and even fast food if that really works for you.  You want to make sure that you do things in moderation and not excess.  So find the foods that work for you.  There’s no one size fits all or one kind of meal plan works for everyone.  See what your stomach can tolerate and try practicing what you plan on having the morning of the boilermaker during your training sessions.  So for example; three weeks before the race, two weeks before the race you’re trying the breakfast foods you’re going to have before you go out and race in the Boilermaker.”

Thanks Cat for those proper nutrition tips and next week on our Hamilton Orthopedics Running Readiness Report we’re going over last minute preparations for the big race.

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