Running Readiness Report- Final Prep for Race Day


“We’re just a couple days away from the Boilermaker Road Race, Cat.  We’re going over last minute tips to get us Boilermaker ready for that Sunday morning.  So what are the last minute things we should be getting ready for?”

“Yeah, at this point the hay is in the barn and now it’s all about just getting to the starting line and being excited to roll on race day.  At this point, if you’ve been training consistently, you’ve probably found some things that really work for you.  So it’s really important to continue to do the things that work for you in terms of nutrition, hydration and also training.  Make sure you plan extra time in the morning so that you can make it to the starting line.  It’s always really busy and congested getting to the start so you want to make sure you allow that extra time so that you do not have to chase after the race after everyone has already left.  You know you’ve worked hard to get to this point.  You’ve got the opportunity to go out there and test yourself and enjoy the day and enjoy the event.  So just get excited, get pumped to go out there and run.  And the runners high while you end this, while you hold the beer and Popsicle will make it totally worth it.  And two, take pride in the work that you’ve done to get to the starting line and step back for a moment.  Step back from the pain or embrace the pain either way, whichever helps you push through it and know that it should hurt at that point.  It should feel uncomfortable to go up those hills.  If it does, that means you’re challenging yourself and that’s exactly where you want to be.” 

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