UTICA, NY (WUTR-TV) — Covid-19 has taken a financial toll on many local businesses including the Black Cat Resturant on French Road. After 14 years, the owners from the former Black Cat Restaurant closed their doors in early May. They made that announcement through a Facebook video. As months went on, work has been done to the building and a new restaurant has opened, called Rintrona’s Bistro!

The Rintrona Bistro staff is welcoming customers in for dinner! The restaurant officially open their doors last Wednesday. Marisa Rintrona owner of Rintona’s Bistro, says the turnout has been great but she says it can be a little difficult to adapt to state’s covid-19 regulations. “It’s very challenging, but we stick with the regulations you know, they change daily, but we just have to go with how times are now,” says Rintrona.

Inside Rintrona’s Bistro

Marisa has 21 years of experience in the restaurant industry. She worked in various local restaurants, but she always had a set goal to be a business owner. “I went with the bistro because half of my restaurant is really that family-oriented restaurant where you sit down and you’re coming to our table and you’re part of our family now. But, I also wanted to stick with a sports bar on this side because I love sports, I love our New York teams that’s why I themed this all with the New York teams…I get the best of both worlds,” says Rintrona.

Marisa says her and the owner of the former Black Cat Restaurant are good friends. “…she’s the one who trained me how to tend bar when I was very, very young over at Carmella’s. So when she bought [this] place, she named it, she said “I think once I retire it will be yours”…so it all worked out,” says Rintrona.

Another reason Marisa wanted to open her own place is because her daughter Gianna has been battling cancer. She says the bistro would always be a sweet treat for her little girl. “Everything’s kind of crazy, and we were looking for something positive in our lives and family and i so, this is what we went with,” says Rintrona.

Marisa plans to open for lunch eventually. On Thursday the State Liquor Authority has accepted their liquor license.