Rewriting the Record Books

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    A pass….at its core itmay be the simplest form of team building. Having control of the ball andhaving the confidence to give that power to another. But that’s just what UCfield hockey team needed, confidence. And after an up and down season, the Pioneershave it in spades now.

Sophomore HannahMackey says, “Our passing, like we just started to find each other, Ithink we all came together and realized we want this game, we want to provethat we can actually beat someone better than us that’s actually nationallyranked. When we got into 7v7 you could just see we wanted it and we weren’tgoing to stop until we got it.”

            Rarely will a team have the perfect season and UCcertainly experienced their fair share of ups and downs. But this team cametogether at the right time and tonight won the programs first NCAA contest.  

            Sophomore Forward Lousie Steele-Norton says, “It’sbeen a roller-coaster of a season and we started off in 7th place in the Empire8 and ended up being 2nd and winning the championship and now we’re here goingto Middlebury to play in the sweet sixteen.”

            Timing is everything and it’s no different in sports andwhen you combine that with an unyielding desire it can make for a championshipteam.

4thyear head coach Sarah Ellemansays, “I think we’re just so focused on the next game. Like I said beforea lot of teams are just so excited to be here and even though we are excited tobe here we want more because we’re capable of more.”

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