Revitalizing a Community

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Empower a community,restore pride, these are just some of the ideas the Herkimer now group has torevitalize Main Street. Today the group welcomed an expert on revitalizing mainstreets. “TheMain Street Program is a very comprehensive program and what we’re doing istrying to is analyze whether Herkimer has the capacity, the will, the interestin developing a comprehensive program for downtown revitalization.” Herkimer now is a grass roots effort and today theygathered government officials, business owners and the community to talk aboutthe revitalization project. “They want downtown to be like how theyremember it with stores and businesses, Mom and Pop shops. They are concernedabout safety, they’re concerned about economic development for the area. And sothose are the things a lot of people are talking about.” Herkimer Mayor Mark Ainsworth is a member of the Herkimernow committee. He says this project will bring a sense of pride back to thearea. “Main Street is the heart of the village, it always has been,its right in the center of town. So certainly I think if we can find a way toget Main Street back to where it used to be or bring things in to make peoplewant to come back down then it certainly helps the entire community not justMain Street.” With 25 years’ experience Teresahas seen hundreds of communities and what tough economic times can do to them.”They’re facing a lot of similar issues, the decline of downtowns is notnew but of the revitalization, the renaissance of these downtown communities isalso something that we’re seeing all over and I see tremendous opportunitieshere for Herkimer.” The revitalization may be in the beginning stages butthe group is confident the project is going in the right direction.

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