Residents do some last minute shopping before Hurricane Sandy hits our area

Residents do some last minute shopping before Hurricane Sandy hits our area_-718538037826403990

As Hurricane Sandy was making its way up thenortheast earlier today, residents here at home were doing some last minuteshopping.

Eyewitness News Reporter Jennifer Lee spentthe afternoon at Price Chopper in Rome.

Many were making their way to the grocerystore today before the “perfect storm,” as people are calling it, hits ourarea.

And store workers say there are specificitems that are flying off the shelves.

“I’m ready for the storm like everyoneelse is,” said Diane Leavitt, a Floyd resident.

Residents like Leavitt are doing some lastminute grocery shopping to prepare for hurricane sandy. And it seems likeeveryone is looking for the same staple items.

“We usually get groceries on Mondayanyway. The only extra we are doing is getting a little extra water,” said RuthNowakowski, a Rome resident.

The Price Chopper manager in Rome says thestore sold out of water yesterday. They stocked up again today, but they couldn’tkeep up. Other items like batteries and flash lights are also popular thingscustomers are looking for.

“I think they are just being cautious. Idon’t think they are over reacting. They are just being cautious and I thinkthat is understandable,” said Rome resident, Deane Bergstrom.

Residents Eyewitness News spoke with say theyare not anticipating the hurricane to be as severe as they thought it would bethis weekend. But, they say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“We might get a good sized wind storm Ithink or a some rain, but I don’t think it will be like it is on the coast,”said Nowakowski.

“I have enough food and water stored andi have a heat source if the power goes out,” said Bergstrom.

In case the power goes out, officials areurging you to keep your refrigerator and freezer doors shut to keep the foodfrom going bad.

And to turn off major appliances to prevent damagefrom a possible surge if the power comes back on.

Also, use flashlights instead of candles asit can pose as a fire hazard.

If you haven’t done so already, officials sayto turn your refrigerator to the maximum cold. So, if the power goes out, youcan buy some time that way, so the food does not spoil as quickly.

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