Residents Approve Three District Merger

Residents Approve Three District Merger_-7821141834860049960

“If we don’t do it we’re going to be in dire straits.”

“I just… I don’t agree.”

“I hope it does go through and I hope it does cutthe costs.”

“I just don’t feel comfortable voting yes, you know,so I voted no.”

            It only took a matter of seconds for thousands to voicetheir opinions on a three school merger tonight and many weren’t surprised torun into other friends and neighbors tonight.

            Karen Seelback of Mohawk says, “I think it’simportant, you know it’s their kids future so I don’t think it surprised methat that many people show up.”

            Back in January the only district to vote against themerger was Frankfort-Schuyler but tonight the remaining three approved it. Andvoters had varying reasons for and against.

                Mohawk resident Michael Maine says, “The only thingI had a concern with was there’s too many variables, not enough information,you don’t know where things are actually going, things about transportationdon’t add up stuff like that, I just don’t feel comfortable voting yes so Ivoted no.”

                James Hall of Mohawk says, “Basically I think it’s going tohelp lower taxes, I think it’s going to give more availability of classes andopportunities to the kids in the school district. And I think it’s about timethat we basically got more of a bang for the buck for out tax dollar.”

            For some this decision came down to the students orpreserving the tax dollars. And no matter which way they voted, people arepassionate about the future of the valley schools.

                Ed View of Mohawk says, “Consolidation’s necessary all throughthe valley. Police, fire, schools, it’s the only way we can survive, there’s noother way.”

                Mohawk Resident Karen Knapp says, “I just.. Idon’t agree but I just hope whatever comes out it works and everybody’s happyand it’s for the kids overall, that’s what it’s about.”

Today thevote passed almost two to one. And now that the people have voted in favor ofthe merger it faces an official binding referendum on October 18th. If all goesas planned the schools will become one starting July of next year.

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