Republican Mayoral Candidates Battle Over Water Authority


Primaries are still a few weeks away but Republican mayoral candidates in Utica are already battling.

Ernie Sanita introduced documents, claiming that former mayor Lou LaPolla denied Uticans the right to a referendum.  In 1994 when the Utica Water Board was sold to become today’s Mohawk Valley Water Authority.   Sanita contends that then-mayor Lou LaPolla denied voters a chance to have their say by not putting the sale up in a referendum.

“Mr. LaPolla knew they would not vote for this deal.  Mr. LaPolla took that right away from the people of the City of Utica through the state assembly and through the state senate.  And denied them their rights.  Now 21 years later my opponent is here asking your for your vote,” Sanita says.

In 1996, a New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that the state legal procedure that allowed for  the transfer of the water board prohibited the issue from being put up before voters in a referendum.

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