Rep. Brindisi announces re-election campaign


Former Congresswoman responds

On Monday, Rep. Anthony Brindisi made his formal re-election campaign announcement. Former Congresswoman, Claudia Tenney, says she is not surprised Brindisi is running again for the seat.

“Obviously he is raising a ton of money we knew he was going to announce eventually but I am really excited about this race because I think it’s really shaping up to be a great opportunity to take this seat back,” says Tenney.

“I love representing this community and I truly do believe our best days are ahead of us. We need people to come together and put aside their party differences to actually get things done for the American people — that’s what I have done for my last two years in office and it’s what I am going to continue to do as long as the people will have me,” says Brindisi.

Will Rep. Brindisi’s decision to vote in favor to impeach the president will affect him in this year’s election? Tenney thinks so. “He is a person who has shown that he is indecisive. He takes different positions depending on where he is and which room hes in and I think that’s something the voters have to look at you know – he wants to get away from this impeachment vote because he knows it’s very popular, but one thing it is and one thing he’s proven is that impeaching the president is a very lucrative business and Anthony Brindisi went down that road and is cashing in,” says Tenney.

“I think voters are going to look at the entire record, our work on healthcare, trying to lower prescription drug costs, passing legislation for American manufacturing — and for our veterans and farmers that is what I am going to run on — run a positive campaign because I think people are sick and tired of all the negativity and we have a positive message we can run on, says Brindisi.”

In 2018, Tenney lost a closely contested two way race against Brindisi by 4,473 votes. Tenney announced last fall, she was going to seek the Republican nomination for the 2020 race for New York’s 22nd Congressional seat. George Phillips, an adjunct professor at Broome Community College, is making his fourth attempt at a seat in Congress. He lost the Republican primary to Claudia Tenney in 2016. Franklin Sager, a high school math teacher in Binghamton, has also announced. Sager is a staunch supporter of Pres. Trump. He has never run for public office before.

Phillips released a statement on Brindisi’s announcement on Monday:

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