Remsen Voters Return to the Polls

Remsen Voters Return to the Polls_-717355660021512039

Remsen residents are off to the polls. As we reported, the Remsen Central SchoolDistrict was one of the only districts in the area to see its proposed budget defeated last May by voters. Today, residents let their voices heard on the revised budget once again.

Remsen’s original budget failed by about thirty votes at the end of May. The school board went back to the drawing board and managed to decrease the tax levy by almost three-quarters of a percent.

“I always hope it will pass but no predictions, basically we’re going to wait to see what the voters have to say, if they voters say yes, then we did enough, if they say no we didn’t do enough,” said Superintendent Carl Klossner.

But going from a tax levy of three-percent to 2.26-percent is still not enough savings for some voters.

“I just can’t afford the taxes here anymore so I’m selling my house, my daughter’s buying my house because I can’t afford to live there,” said Alfred Weaver, a Remsen voter.

Others are considering the high Remsen graduation rate as a reason to shell out the extra cash.

“I hate to see it lose but more importantly, the graduation rate tells you what they’re doing,” said Paul Cradle of Remsen.

“We’re very proud of our school and the kid’s accomplishments,” said his wife, Barb Cradle.

If the budget fails again tonight, there will be no revisions; rather, it will go to a contingency budget. That budget is 100,000 dollars less than the current school year’s Klossner wouldn’t name any specific consequences it could bring.

“To me that’s just threatening the public saying if you don’t do what we want, then we’re going to do this to you,” he said.

He says if this second budget fails, the school board will do what they can to minimize the impact on students.”The bottom line is, what the public wants is what we have to do,” said Klossner.

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