Remsen Central School District still needs to submit teacher evaluations

Remsen Central School District still needs to submit teacher evaluations _2056688984044490126

The deadline for school districts across the state to submitteacher evaluations is January 17th.

The Remsen Central School District is only one of nineschool districts statewide that have yet to submit a plan.

All schools must submit the Annual Professional Performance Reviewor teacher evaluations in order to secure state aid funding.

If Remsen does not make the deadline the school districtwill not see the money. Remsen’s Interim Superintendent says the teacherevaluations would have been submitted months ago.

But, the school has yet to work out a new contract with theteachers. Therefore, before they can submit anything to the state, the schoolmust negotiate a new contract with teachers that expired in June of last year.

“There was a change in administration. So, on myarrival on September 1st, the plan had not been started where otherschools already submitted. It’s never over until it’s over. Discussions aregoing on and both sides are working diligently to get things done. That is aneveryday thing. You work on it and make it work out and you settle yourcontract and you move on,” said interim Superintendent, Carl Klossner.

The State Education Department says the teacher evaluationsare a way to improve public education.

The Remsen Superintendent says he’s hopeful the schooldistrict will make the deadline.

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