Remington Workers Given Notice


Old Owners Letting Work Force Go Monday

Remington Outdoor Company, the owner of the Remington operation in Ilion, notified 585 union workers in Ilion on Friday that they are being terminated effective Monday, October 26th. The United Mine Workers of America, the union that represents the rank and file in Ilion, released a statement on Sunday that announced the termination notification and reported that Remington Outdoor was ending health care and other “contractual benefits” for the terminated effective October 31st.

The union’s release also contends that Remington Outdoor is refusing to pay severance and accrued vacation benefits provided for in the collective bargaining agreement. 

Remington Outdoor Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July. In September, the company was broken up in a bankruptcy auction. Roundhill Group LLC was the top bidder for the Remington operation in Ilion. In the auction, some of the product manufactured in Ilion were ecquired by another company. But the new Remington owner has told Eyewitness News that, despite losing that line the new owners intend to bring back the same level of work force in the valley. 

Richmond Italia, who is part of Roundhill Group, told Eyewitness News, “If we do close down Huntsville, and Sturgis, and Lenoir City, and concentrate them under one roofline, which will be Ilion, that will more than replace the employees that were lost on the Marlin line.”

Cecil Roberts, UMWA President, says that the union has filed a series of grievances against Remington Outdoor and are exploring other legal options. The union statement concluded with this comment, “If they think they can get away with this without a fight from the UMWA they had better think again. Our members in Local Union 717 earned those benefits. We are going to do everything we can to ensure that they get them, and then continue working to get the plant reopened under new ownership as soon as possible.”

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