Remembering Fallen New Hartford Police Officer

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What began as a typical day on the jobturned into the ultimate sacrifice for New Hartford Police Officer Joseph Corr. Corr responded to an armed robbery inNew Hartford, which led to a car chase. That chase led to one on foot which ended in Corr’s death six years ago.

“Nick had heard this big bang andone of the robbers cars hit the gas pump across the street so he ran outside tosee what happened, he saw the smoke, he then saw two guys running through thewoods across the street. He heard the gun shots and ran back inside.”

Mike Desantis is the chef at SpaghettiKettle, across the street from the Byrne Dairy sight where Corr was killed.  Desantis had just left the restaurant thenight of the shooting.  Shortly after oneof his cook’s, nick, called him to let him know what was going on.

“I had tried to make my way back tothe restaurant they wouldn’t even let me through. The place was flooded withcop cars, swat teams, and helicopters; everybody in the restaurant was onlockdown we couldn’t let anybody out.”

The owner of the restaurant says itwas a scary night.  Both he, Desantis,and other community members Eyewitness News spoke with agreed, that the deathof Corr was a great loss to the community–even for those who didn’t know him.

“A lot of people liked him…itshould’ve never happened,” says New Hartford resident, Michael Caporale.

Desantis says, “Even though youdon’t know him to lose somebody in the area, it’s hard, it affectseverybody.”The Memorial Service for Joseph Corr will be held Monday February 27th at 6 at St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church on Oxford Road in New Hartford.  At 8:15PM, a candlelight vigil will be held  behind the Byrne Dairy in Kirkland on Route 5.

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