Santa Surprises Rome Child With Early Christmas Gifts

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ROME, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Most kids ask for toys or things for themselves for Christmas, but not 10-year-old Xander Zyla from Rome. This year he wrote a letter to Santa saying to not worry about him, because all he wanted for Christmas was a new car for his dad.

“Because I know my dad was going through a lot of stuff, surgeries and like he needed a new car because his car was breaking down in pieces and parts of it so I wanted him to get a new car.” – Xander Zyla, Received Gifts From Santa

Xander’s dad was so touched by his Christmas wish that he shared the story on Facebook and it got the attention of Rome Police.

“For him to give up something that he’s so passionate about to help a family member is just, I literally cried when i saw that letter. There’s no other way to describe it.” – AJ Zyla, Xander’s Father

“It takes a special boy at 10 years old to give up his Christmas wish to help his father out and that’s just an incredible thing. It really shows the character of his father and also him. So we had to step it up on this one.” – Jeffrey Lanigan, Detective, Rome Police Department

And they did. The Rome Police Department surprised Xander with a motorcade and Santa riding in a firetruck. They even brought him early Christmas gifts. Xander was grateful for the surprise but says it’s not always about what don’t have, but what you do have.

“Families have been going through a lot of things this year, Coronavirus and stuff so be thankful for what you get. Even if you get one thing.” – Xander Zyla, Received Gifts From Santa

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